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We provide 2 FREE Services to contractors:

Save Tax

We are able to significantly cut your taxes. Most companies either do not have the skill, or perhaps the time to reduce a contractors tax contribution. As a contractor, there are numerous deductions that are allowed, which is not applicable to permanent staff. If, therefore, a company processes your salary through their payroll system, which is mostly automated, you end up paying the Maximum tax. Optimally structuring a contractors salary requires detailed and meticulous calculations. Sadly most companies do not have the time or skill to perform these calculations accurately and would rather err on the side of caution. The end result is that you pay much more tax than you should.

One average we are able to save about 10% of your gross salary in taxes. So if you are paying 35%, we are usually able to reduce that to 25%. Bear in mind that each individual’s case is different and will therefore require an assessment of your unique situation. Please contact us so that we can determine how much you can save.



We also prepare and submit your tax return for you at the end of the financial year, FREE. We also handle ALL correspondence with SARS on your behalf.